About us

Firstclass logistics is a well-established and steadily growing Logistics provider in the South African market. We endeavour to our name by providing a “Best in Class” service to our customers, through our extensive service offer. We proudly stand behind our customer base, which represent a wide spectrum of industries including both Multinationals and “Proudly South African” companies.

At Firstclass Logistics, “Built on Ambition, Powered by Possibility” encapsulates our pride and vision to succeed. As an employer of more than 60 people, we aim to be a leading, integrated logistics management company that operates within the context of global standards. As a brand, we are committed to cost effectiveness, quality service, people development and environmental awareness.

The Firstclass Brand is not just an image but a reflection of our very essence and the way we strive to do business on a day to day basis. Our core values remain our guiding principles and we use this manifesto to ensure that we maintain & further enhance our offer of value to our customers and the entire industry at large.

Communication               Teamwork                                Change                            Enterprising Spirit
       Safety                             Charity                                  Accountability                             Ethics
      Balance                    Winning Attitude                        Initiative                                Trust & Respect

We aim to be a key enabler in South Africa’s development, through a progressive and competitive logistics offer.


Gashan Naidoo, founder and CEO of Firstclass Logistics, began operations in 2003 with the same entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that remains one of the company’s core values today. He took on the typical challenges of a start-up business and turned it into a multi-million rand organization.
“Over the past decade, our company has achieved exponential growth relative to the industry’s performance, which is a testament to our core values and our unwavering investment in people and customer satisfaction, whilst still delivering the balance between sustainable business and communities,” Gashan Naidoo

With over 50 years of collective management experience, the management team is the foundation of Firstclass Logistics’ “Best in Class” culture. This competent and dynamic team is ready to lead the company into the future, innovating and adapting to this ever-changing sectorial landscape.

Gashan Naidoo – Founder, CEO & Co-owner

Early career was spent obtaining the relevant shipping industry qualifications and making inroads into their business at the leading global shipping line, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Gashan was convinced he had to” know it all” to “close the loop” and so left the shipping industry to join the Road Freight industry where he headed up a Durban based transportation company. His visionary mind-sets quickly outgrew his employment and lead him to start-up Firstclass Logistics in 2003.  Understanding that no company is successful without a strong management team, he developed a foundation of strength through a highly competent and trained leadership team. As the company flag-bearer, he places much emphasis on a work environment that inspires, engages and delivers success through effective teamwork. The Customer is a strategic priority and lies at the core of growth initiatives. “Built on Ambition, Powered by Possibility” a motto of his life and growing success.

Amsavanee Naidoo – Business Development Director & Co-owner

An alumna of the University of KZN, (BCom Honours: Investment & Corporate Finance), she joined Tetra Pak, a leading multinational food and packaging company in 2001. Amsavanee secured her place, as one of three graduates nationally in the company’s prestigious Graduate Recruitment Program where her early career success earned her a place in their Accerelated Management Program where she shortly became a member of Tetra Pak’s Board of Directors, before the age of 30.

She resigned from Tetra Pak in 2012, to join Firstclass Logistics after a short sabbatical to support the company’s vision and drive for excellence, whilst leveraging her strong foundation of global training and efficient process management.

Pregasen Govender – General Manager & Human Resources

Commenced his early career at a small Durban based Cabotage company, Western Continental Freight. Pregasen’s ambitious nature, lead him to move quickly through the ranks from his role as Controller to that of Managing Director within a 5 year horizon. He then joined the team at Container World for a rewarding 10 years as a Senior Transportation Manager. He was headhunted by Firstclass Logistics in 2006 in the capacity of General Manager and remains a key contributor to the company’s “Best in Class” service offer. He additionally takes the lead on "People Management" to ensure compliance and that the company's biggest asset: the employees, are aligned to the overall mission and goals of the company.

Ash M Patel –Financial Account

(South African Institute of Professional Accountants), BCOMPT PA (SA)

Understanding that accountants are key players in the business world, Ash pursued his career interests and went on to successfully obtaining his undergraduate and post graduate qualifications through Unisa, before completing two years of articles at a Johannesburg based auditing firm. He then joined the dynamic FNB team within the management accounting division where he quickly demonstrated his proficiency which lead him to start his own businesses. These ranged from consulting his services to audit firms, focussing on the public sector to then starting a successful Accounting and Tax Practice. In early 2011, Ash joined the team at Firstclass Logistics where he leverages his professional accounting training, knowledge and skillsets to guide the organisation towards long-term sustainable success. His role in the organisation extends beyond the stereotypical perceptions of an accountant, where he is a key preserver of ‘value creation’ by guiding strategic decision making with a view towards growth whilst ensuring compliance with regulations, standards and good practices.

Ritesh Singh – National Operations Manager

First exposure to the Logistics industry was in 1998, when he joined Transfreight Hauliers in the capacity of an administrator. Ritesh’s potential quickly became evident and he was promoted to the operations division where he soon became Head of Operations. Ritesh’s impeccable attention to detail for optimised planning as well as his strategic ability to think ahead to facilitate seamless execution captured the attention of the industry. He joined the Firstclass Logistics Management team in 2004, at the Durban branch where he complements the unique spirit of the organization and its drive for continuous improvement.


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